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Question Type

There is no type limitation by counts eTESTLAB contains various question types and it completely covered the current academic exam patterns. Most of the public exam question papers are covered with.

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

These are the regular multiple choice questions with four choices provided as asked in JEE (Main & Advanced) and other exams. Only one among the four choices will be the correct answer.

Multiple Answer Question (MAQ)

Multiple correct choice type questions have four choices provided, but one or more of the choices provided may be correct.

Digit Type Question (DTQ)

The questions in this section are numerical problems for which no choices are provided. The students are required to find the exact answers to numerical problems and enter the same in  Panel. Answers can be onedigit or two-digit numerals.

Matrix Type Question (MTQ)

These questions are the regular “Match the Following” variety. Two columns each containing 4 subdivisions or first column with four subdivisions and second column with more subdivisions are given and the student should match elements of column I to that of column II. There can be one or more matches.

Assertion Type Question (ATQ)

Useful to define questions where user need to type answers for theory based questions.

True False Type Question (TFQ)

Useful to define questions where user need to type answers for theory based questions.

Passage Type Question (PTQ)

Comprehension-type questions consist of a small passage, followed by three multiple choice questions. The questions are of single correct answer type.

Smooth & Advanced Searching

Mark questions using tags and get smooth search results using the online exam software. Considering the example: 
the user can bookmark questions of competitive papers like IIT 2000-2019, NEET 2000-19, SSC, Railway, recruitment drives, etc. Easily filter the questions defined with a particular tag.

Course wise search

  •   IIT JEE (Advance, Mains)
  •   NEET | AIIMS
  •   Bank | SSC | Railway
  •   GATE | ESE
  •   CBSE | State Board

Subject wise search

  •   Physics | Chemistry
  •   Maths | Biology
  •   Science | English
  •   Reasoning | Geography
  •   Hindi | Computer | GK

Unit/Topic wise search

  •   Circular Motion, Kinematics
  •   Vectors | Calculus
  •   Algebra, Atomic Structure
  •   Electrochemistry
  •   Cell biology, Evolution

Many More

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  •   Previous Year
  •   Language Wise
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  •   Rating Wise

Automated Questions Generation

Question Paper can be generated automatically in quick time. All you need to do is just specify how many questions you want and for how many marks you need the question paper.

Value Based Questions HOTS

Our software is loaded with value based questions and HOTS in order to make the student to get high marks in board exam



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